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19 August 2019

Guest Dickinson Bloggers!

Dear Readers -
I recently attended the annual Emily Dickinson International Society conference in Asilomar. What a great event! The speakers and panels were full of poetry, revelatory and insightful commentary, and scholarship. I even met some Prowling Bee readers!

One of the readers is a professor from Columbus State University in Georgia. He wrote me the following letter a few weeks before the conference and I was very happy to meet him there in person:

This past spring I taught a class on Dickinson's poetry.  For their final project, I gave them the option of creating their own "prowling Bee"-like blog (I referred them to your site and they used it quite a bit, I think).  I thought you might be interested in the results.  Here are some of their blogs:  
not Conclusion, Jacque Hutch 
Diving into Dickinson, Casi Turner 
A Bullet Hit a Bird, Alex Proft 
The Midsummer Mind  
Lenses of Literature, Rachael 
Kind regards,
Patrick Jackson 

Readers, I read through the blogs and I highly recommend them. Each student presents several poems along with very thoughtful explications. These are mostly poems I haven't gotten to yet, so it's great to offer them here. Each student blog has a unique style and each writer definitely has their own voice. There are some real treasures to be found!

I'm not sure if you can leave comments on the student blogs via this site, but please feel free to leave any comments below.

Check it out!



  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful event -- and so good to have affirmations of the worth of your intrepid project.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these studentblogs with us, your readers!

  3. Thank you! I really enjoy your posts.