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16 July 2011

We lose – because we win –

We lose – because we win –
Gamblers – recollecting which –
Toss their dice again!
                                                              - F 28 (1858)

A bit o' luck with the cards or dice encourage gamblers to keep betting and thus losing. But because Dickinson begins with a generic case, the "we", "Gamblers" becomes more than slouches hunched over a green-felt table, but ourselves remembering some past success--be it love or a business venture, or a particular lane during rush hour. And we keep revisiting and trying to replay what it was that resulted in the payoff. But the odds are pretty heavy that we can't. The odds start anew with each throw.
     Actually, it's a bit of a 'glass-half-empty' view. We ultimately lose rather than win. Just as in casinos, the odds are stacked against us.

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