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13 March 2013

About the lack of posting...

Readers, my partner and I just bought a house in Half Moon Bay (California) and have been doing the things that one does to make the "new" house liveable. We've had three shipments of stuff: from New Zealand, from Arcata (where we lived before NZ), and from lots of friends' basements.  With all this  mayhem I have not been able to do Emily justice. In fact, I haven't even tried.

But! Cleverly concealed in one of 14 book boxes, are some of my Dickinson reference books. So when I pick up again, it will be a new and improved blog!

Blogging starts again on the 20th.

Oh, and just because I have to tell someone: our little dog Maggie (Mistress of Mirth) that we re-homed in New Zealand is arriving tomorrow! Her new and wonderful family had an unfortunate change of circumstances just as we were signing the papers on this house with its fenced yard. We are pretty excited to have her back.


  1. Nearly two years later I thank you for settling in.

    1. Wow -- time does go by quickly! And now we have another dog to keep Maggie company. They always hang in my office when I write.